Prices are for courses of 6 laser treatments

Facial Laser Hair Removals
Lip + Chin ......... €200
Chin + Jawline ........ €300
Sides ......... €300
Full Face + Lips ........ €340
Neck Front .......... €180
Centre Brow ........ €100
Upper Cheeks ......... €120
Body Laser Hair Removal Treatments
Underarms ............ €160
Forearms ............. €300
Full arms + Hands ...... €360
Bikini Lines ......... €130
Hollywood/Brazilian ...... €300
Stomach / Nave/ Pubic Line .... €230
Lower Legs + Feet ........ €260
Upper Legs + Buttocks ....... €500
Buttocks ......... €210 Full Legs ......... €400
Lower Back ......... €200
Full Back + Shoulders + Lower Back ..... €400
Chest + Stomack ....... €300
Full Beard + Upper Lip ........ €300

1060nm Diode Lasershape

The 1060nm diode laser has a high affinity for subcutaneous adipose tissue. The energy transmitted by the laser causes the molecules in the irradiated tissue to move, create heat, then raise the temperature between 42 C and 47 C. Around this temperature, the cell membrane structural integrity of the target adipocyte will be broken down, then leads the inactivation of the cell. During the next several months the dead adipocytes can be eliminated by lymphatic metabolism, thereby achieving the effect of slimming and shaping.
- Non-invasive, non-surgical
- Fast treatment in about 25 minutes
- Versatility in treating the different area of stubborn fat
- Precise targeting of adipocytes without damaging the surrounding tissue
- Results can be seen quickly, 2 treatments can reduce 13% of cellulite
- Advanced contact cooling technology for optimal patient comfort
- Controlled temperature technology around 42 C and 47 C.
- No downtime
Full Body
1 treatment €300
2 treatment €600
3 treatment €800
1 treatment €200
2 treatment €350

Fractional laser

Effective mole, warts and sarcoma removal. Collagen contraction and removal. Skin tightening and lifting. Tighten vagina-fast tightening, lasting construction, tightness to improve by 60 %
1 treatment €120
2 treatment €200
3 treatment €270

Laser veins removal

Vascular leison therapy
Spired viens/Face veins
Remove red blood vessels kinds of telangiectatsia, Cherry haemangioma
1 treatment €50
Price of treatments depends on area needs treatment........€100 - €200

Skin Tightening and lifting

Face arm neck chest
1 treatment €100
2 treatments €180
3 tretments €240
Face neck arm abdomen
1 treatment €170
2treatmenys €300
3 treatments €430
Face neck arm abdomen upper legs buttlocks
1 treatment €220
2treatments €400
3 treatments €550

Facials Treatments

Dermalift: Non-surgical face lift, electronic beauty treatment using the dermalift machine. This lifts the face by toning facial muscles, smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles and prevents sagging skin. Lymphatic drainage is also inclued in this treatment to help clear the skin of toxins and encourage a radiant complexion. Includes a thorough face mapping skin analysis
75 mins .......€65
Dermalogica skin treatment: Luxury facial which involves a combination of professional double cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, masque, toner and skin protection. Relaxing shoulder, neck and facial massage.
60 mins ...... €65
Age smart treatment: Revitalising power boost treatment, designed to help firm, smooth, nourish and regenerate
60 mins ..... €65
MediBac clearning treatment: This powerful treatment jump starts acne clearing using dermalogica medi-bae products
60 mins ..... €65
Environmental control (sensitive skin): Calms red, inflamed, itchy skin, super soothing treatment that instantly clears redness and reduces inflamation
60 mins ..... €65
Multi vitamin facial: This is dermalogica’s most powerful treatment for premature ageing or dry/dehydrated skin. This will improve elasticity, tone and texture of the skin
65 mins ..... €65
Ultra calming: The dermalogica ultra calming products are serious relief for sensititised skin that calms, soothes and replenishes the most aggravated or irritated skin
60 mins .....€65
Clear start: This is the serious skin care system aimed at helping teens cut through the hype to get clear skin. Developed by skin health experts at Dermalogica, it uses powerful ingredients and soothing botanicals to deliver real results. Tough on breakouts, gentle on skin. That’s clear start
60mins .... €65
Biosurface peel: Experience the amazing results of a powerful skin resurfacing dermalogica peel. Skin is left looking incredible, fresh and healthy, while feeling smooth and calm. No downtime, no irritation. Ideal treatment for people who have more serious concerns regarding ageing, breakouts and hydration and want to see dramatic result
60mins .... €65
Anti-Aging High Focused Ultrasound Face & Neck Lifting –tightening.
- Non-surgical face lifting & skin rejuvenation
- Triple depth lifting
- Skin tightening & rejevenation
- Eyebrow lifting
- Periorbital wrinkle reduction
- Jowl & neck lfiting
- Tighten sagging around the eyes
- SMAS contraction: collagen remodelling, elating fiber contraction.
- No downtime: skin becomes red within several hours, then skin recovers.
- Instant results will be checked from the second month to the nineth month. Good result will last 2-3 years.
- Totally non-invasive.
Facial & full face .............. €80/70min
Facial & full face & neck.........€100/90 mins

Multi-functional body shaping system (machine)
- Cellulite reduction
- Body shaping
- Fat reduction
- Body remodelling
- Body reshaping
Skin tightening & lifting
Wrinkle removal
Eyes pounch & black circle removal

Face & arm & neck & chest
1 treatment €100
2 treatments €180
3 treatments €240
Face & neck & arm & abdomen
1 treatment €170
2 treatments €260
3 treatments €220
Face & neck & arrm & abdomen & upper legs & buttocks
1 treatment €220
2 treatments €200
3 treatments €180

Spa Treatments & Packages

Sauna treatments – saturated steam with medicinal herbs envelops the body, opens the skin pores, eases and removes toxins from the body which result in normalized metabolism, improves the function of all organs and immune system by removing fatigue symptoms.
Swedish Massage 60 mins ............. € 60
Hot Stone Massage 60 mins ........... € 60
Deep Tissue Massage 40 mins ......... € 35
Indian Head Massage 40 mins ......... € 45
Pregnancy Massage 40 mins ........... € 50
Aromatherapy 60 mins ................ € 60
Full Body Polish 30 mins ............ € 35
Body Wraps
Body Wrap 60 mins ....................€50
Course of three Body wrap ........... €120
Luxury top to toe beauty body wrap treatment.....€95


Cedar Phyto-Barrel Mini Sauna
Credo of our Salon - “A healthy lifestyle for All” We offer a service with the effect of promoting new methods for healthy relaxation. Our Elite health restoring treatments ensure long-lasting brilliant results.
BENEFITS - Saturated steam with medicinal herbs envelops the body, opens the skin pores, eases tense muscles to relax them from stress, lenses pores, removes toxins from the body which results in normalized metabolism, improves the function of all organs and immune system by removing fatigue symptoms. After treatment’ the person feels much more energetic, feels a new surge of strength.
Pressotherapy is an exclusive detoxifying treatment, which through effective lymphatic drainage, helps to promote the body’s natural toxin clearing functions. The revitalization and oxygenation of the tissue helps to slim and redefine the legs, arms and stomach while enhancing skin tone. Recommended for the treatment of cellulite slimming and detoxifying
Benifits : Liposuction, Body Shaping & profiling Relives pain and swelling and provides immediate comfort. Redefines the leg’s, stomach and arms while enhancing skin tone.

Pamper Packages

Vintage Package 60 mins €70:
Sauna 15 mins
Infrared pressotherapy 20 mins
Relaxing organic herbal tea
Finish it up with shower.
Therapeutic Package 60 mins €80 :
Sauna 20 mins
Relaxing organic herbal tea 10 mins
Ear candling 30 mins
Finish it up with shower.
Jaguar 160 mins €150 :
Hot stone massage 45 mins
Anti-ageing facial 60 mins
Spa foot ritual with file and polish 45 mins
Finish it up with shower
Amazon Bundle 70 mins €90 :
Sauna 20 mins
Relaxing organic herbal tea 10 mins
Urban cleansing facial 40 mins
Finish it up with shower
Diamond Package 95 mins €100 :
Sauna 20 mins
Infrared pressotherapy 20 mins
Deep tissue massage or Indian head massage or Aromatherapy candle massage or Deep tissue cupping massage 40 mins
Organic herbal tea 10
Finish it up with shower.

Eyelash Extensions

Classic Eyelashes.......€50
Classic Eyelashes Refill.........€35
Light Volume....... €65
Russian Volume..........€75
Russian Volume Refill..........€60
Mega Volume........€95
Mega Volume Refill........€75


Damaged Nail Reconstruction: In some severe cases, nails can become very damaged and look extremely unhealthy. This can be caused by fungal infection, discolouration, corns under nails, loss of nail or its part due to a nail removal surgery or injury. In this case we at trend beauty and health clinic we could help you to get rid of this. In some severe cases, nails can become damaged and deeply impact the health and appearance of the nails. This can be due to fungal infection, discolouration, corns under the nail, loss of nail or as a side effect of injury or nail removal surgery.
For the latter, nail reconstruction is the preferred method as it protects the skin around your nail as well as drastically improves the appearance of the nails. During nail reconstruction, a therapist will file down the nail and apply a therapeutic gel, after which UV-light treatment is applied which hardens the gel; resulting in a healthy looking nail. The entire process is completely pain-free thanks to the use of latest nail reconstruction technology.
File, cuticles & gel polish 30mins .... €25
Treat calloused, cracked thickened toenails and remove hard skin from toes heels, soles and feet 60 mins .... €40
Damaged nail reconstruction; Treatments – Remove fungal infection, discolouration, corns under the nail, loss of nail or partial due to a nail removal surgery or injury
- Without gel polish 60 mins .... €50
- With gel polish 70 mins .... €60


File gel polish 25 mins ....... €20
File gel polish & cuticles 35 mins ...... €25
File shellac 40 mins ........ €25
Shellac/gel removal 20 ..... €10
Gel nails full set 90 mins ......... €50
Gel/acrylic removal 60 mins ........ €25
Gel nails & shellac 90 mins ........ €65
Paraffin or Hand scrub treatments 15 mins ........ €10


Eyebrow shape 10 mins ....€7
Eyebrow tint 10 mins .... €8
Eyebrow shape & tint 15 mins .... €14
Eyelash tint 12 mins .... €10
Entire eyebrow & eyelash focus 30 mins .... €22
Lip wax 10 mins .... €7
Chin wax 12 mins .... €8
Lip & Chin 15 mins .... €12
Sides of face 10 mins .... €12
Underarm 15 mins .... €10
Bikini wax regular or high line 15 mins .... €20
Brazilian bikini wax 20 mins .... €25
Hollywood bikini wax 30 mins .... €30
Full leg wax 30 mins .... €30
½ leg wax 15 mins .... €15
Upper leg wax 20 mins ... €20
Full arm wax 15 mins .... €20
Men’s Waxing
Chest wax 15 mins ..... €20
Back wax 30 mins ..... €25
Abdominal wax 15 mins ..... €12
Shoulder wax 10 mins ..... €8
Back, neck & Shoulder 30mins .... €30


In Trend salon, we have a fresh, professional and responsible approach to indoor spray tanning. We offer you the most effective, comfortable and hygienic way to get your tan in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Full Body Tan 30 mins .............. € 25
Half Body Tan 15 mins .............. € 15
Arms, Chest & Legs 30 mins ......... € 20

Ear Candling

Ear candles act like a chimney, drawing away the vapour and any impurities from the ear. This, in turn, regulates the pressure system within the ear and the head, making the candle treatment suitable for any condition. Hopi Ear Candling 30 mins ............ € 30